Weddings in Philippines today are much different than what it was 10-15 years ago. Everything, from the wedding gown, video, photo, d├ęcor to even the reception program and venue has undergone asignificant transformation. This is true also of wedding songs.

No celebration is complete without good music, and the same applies to Filipino weddings as well.Wedding songs across cultures set the general mood of the special occasion while allowing thecouples to convey their feelings towards each other and their loved ones. The beautiful songs of love enhance the beauty and fun of a wedding ceremony manifold. Beautiful, sweet and romantic wedding songs undoubtedly make a wedding an event to remember.

Wedding songs usually begin with the grand entry of the bride and the groom and end with them leaving the altar at the end. Carefully chosen songs can add to the charm,beauty and personality of the sweet and tender moments that dot the entire wedding. Music also enlivens the atmosphere for the guests and ensures that they are in good spirits all through the event. 

A Filipino wedding is unique for its lovely musical aspect. No other wedding in any culture boasts such wonderful mix of wedding songs. The songs you select for your wedding should be very special.Couples usually select songs that hold a deep meaning for them.With the right wedding songs playing in the background and with the love of your life in front of you,your wedding can be the most incredible experience of your life.